ZEYAR Highlighter | Pastel Colors Chisel Tip Marker Pen

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Add a splash of color and a touch of elegance to your daily routine with ZEYAR Highlighter Markers – where quality meets creativity.

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Discover the vibrant world of ZEYAR, a prestigious USA brand, with our expertly crafted Highlighter Markers. Certified by AP, these markers are designed to illuminate your notes and texts, bringing a burst of color to your daily activities without bleeding through to the next page.

Vivid, Diverse Colors: Dive into a spectrum of color with our extensive range that includes 6 bright Fluorescent colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) for eye-catching highlights, 6 subtle Macaron colors (Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Orange, Pepper Mint) for softer, understated notes, and 6 unique Morandi colors (Mild-Orange, Mild-Blue, Mild-Red, Mild-Green, Mild-Violet, Mild-Brown) for elegant, sophisticated marking. Whether for personal use, office needs, or artistic projects, these colors are formulated to stand out, ensuring your work is always highlighted.

Ergonomic and Sleek Design: The ZEYAR Highlighter is designed for comfort and ease of use. Its short and wide body fits perfectly in your pocket and feels natural in your hand, making it ideal for extended writing or highlighting sessions. The simple, clear appearance not only looks good but also functions seamlessly in any setting, from classrooms to boardrooms.

Safe and Sustainable: Our ink is water-based, conforming to the ASTM D-4236 standard, ensuring it is non-toxic, acid-free, and safe for users of all ages. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing quality, as these highlighters provide long-lasting, vibrant ink without harmful chemicals.

Versatile Chisel Tip: Whether you’re underlining delicate text or covering a broader area, the fine-board line chisel tip is engineered for precision and versatility. It allows for a writing width that ranges from a sharp 1mm line to a bolder 4mm stroke, adapting to your specific needs.

Committed to Quality and Creativity: At ZEYAR, we believe in the power of expression through drawing and writing. As a professional marker manufacturer, we uphold sophisticated R&D and quality control processes to ensure each product meets our high standards. We are committed to providing accessible, high-quality art supplies to creators worldwide, because we believe that drawing and highlighting are expressions of human feeling and experience.

Add a splash of color and a touch of elegance to your daily routine with ZEYAR Highlighter Markers – where quality meets creativity.


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